Connected Web Of Lies

Now more than ever, people are seeking financial freedom with a high powered fun lifestyle to match. We see it everywhere we look. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has allowed many people to buy into a fantasy some may never actually live. Social media has allowed the world to become whatever they want to be.

The only problem is everyone is not displaying the truth. This misguided may take these lies to be reality and measure their own self worth against this fabricated lie. In other words, it creates a world of narcism and insecurity. And you bet, this is the world we created for our children to grow up in. Boy, we should have though this internet freedom thing through, right? I’d say so! Many children have even contemplated suicide based on the feelings of inadequacy after creating social media sites online. So, why do we allow something that we can easily turn off to control us so much?

It is simple. Most people actually do feel alone. I am serious here! It does not matter if someone lives in a home of six people. People are still reporting how much they feel alone and isolated seeking internet connections just to feel alive and sometimes desired! Why do we feel alone in a room full of people. It is simple. We don’t talk to each other anymore. We have lost the sense of just connecting with people.

We text but won't call.
We look but won't hug.
We complain no one checks on us but never pick up when someone calls us.

People Will Be People

This is the real bottom line. People will always be people. We are the masters of our destiny. If we want meaningful connections with people then we have to be willing to come out of our comfort zones. It does not hurt to call someone next time instead of sending an informal text. Yes, a text can get the job done but does it leave you feeling bonded to anyone? The chances are it does not.

Do More. Be More. Connect.

Ways To Connect:

  • Travel Together
  • Cook With Friends
  • Start A Book Club
  • Join an organization
  • Get out!
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