Your Success Is In Your Consistency

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you can’t even hardly sleep from excitement? This is for you! You claimed it when you saw it. The opportunity of a lifetime is waiting for you. But just wish the excitement is peaking, there comes the word that can destroy legacies: doubt. You try to push it to the back of your head but the voices just will not stop. As you try to work on your new project, the voice keep returning. Eventually, it becomes so piercing in your mind that you begin to ask yourself, “Well, why don’t I just quit? It won’t harm me. I tried my best. It just wasn’t for me!”

My question is then what will be? If you continue to make excuses instead of fighting for change in your life then you will continue to wake up to the same results. It amazes me how many people want to be millionaires in their finances but how little so many are willing to put in the work. Millionaires don’t just appear millionaires and if they so happen to do so then they can potentially lose it as quick as it was gained without embracing new mindset. The mindset is a mindset of a winner that says, “I can” and does’t even give head way to the words “I can’t”. Excuses are the founding blocks towards disaster and failure. You cannot achieve greatness with excuses.

Excuses We Give:

  • I am just too busy to try any new projects. The funny thing is there are 24 hours in each day and someone in the world is taking advantage of every minute because they have a dream and purpose. But the funniest joke of it all, the people who say these things usually spend countless hours on social media posting jargon to people they will never met for attention with hopes of acceptance in their lonely worlds. I wonder how many of them would be successfully if they channeled THIS TIME into their futures. You know, this “super busy” time they spoke of. It truly is amazing.
  • I just don’t know anybody. People begin to doubt their own self worth as to say I don’t really know anyone. The truth is, there is no way you can make it to be an adult and not know anyone. let’s see, even a seven year old, has already at their early age met hundreds of people. So, logically, you want us to believe by your 20s and 30s plus that you don’t know any one. The fact is you are not saying that you don’t know anyone. You are devaluing yourself to say, “Out of all the people I actually DO know I just’t don’t think any of them will support me”. This is ok! You are not alone this stops a lot of people from jump starting their futures.
  • I don’t want to invest my own money. This may be one of the worst of all because you are telling someone you can spend all of your hard earned money on other people’s dreams when you buy clothes, shoes, cars, houses, and even pay your bills, but with what you have extra you are not willing to invest in yourself. You have already given up on yourself without even giving it a fighting chance. This is acceptance of defeat to avoid getting hurt. Your future is demanding that you release this way thinking, now! No, RIGHT NOW! Truth is, it does cost money to make money in this world. If you want to be a well established author, painter, CEO, doctor, or anything else then it will require some form of money in the beginning. It may be for schooling or the materials needed to have a successful business. However, success requires some sacrifices. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. I didn’t say could but WOULD.

Will You Show Up For Your Success?

Remember, I can write a whole blog but in all honesty, this is your life. It requires some form of self motivation to actually make the impossible become possible. There are people that do it every day. Yes, it may require some long nights when the rest of the world sleeps. It can also cause you to have to say no to some of the things you once did or friends you associated with because to invoke true change it requires a change of environment and mindset. Are you willing to fight for you for once? We fight so hard to make the people we love happy and many times to experience disappointment. When will we fight for our own happiness?

The beautiful thing is when you do, then and only then, will you truly unlock love, peace, and happiness in your life.

2 thoughts on “Your Success Is In Your Consistency

  1. Awesome read. This is so true. I need to invest in myself now. Thank you fir bringing attention to this matter.

    1. We all need to take some time to really evaluate everything. We will come to realize we should be investing more into ourselves! After all, there is greatness inside of all of us. We just have to tap into it! We must believe!

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