The Celebration of my Two Year Kidney Anniversary

Many of you know, I usually always wrote something to inspire you. Today, I have chosen to talk a bit about my life hoping that it will still do the same. Two years ago, I received a call from the doctor that stated, “We want bring you in to test if this kidney is right for you”. If any of you have ever waited on a kidney then you know how this process goes. It does not mean for certain that this is your time. You may go to the hospital to find out that it was a better match for someone else. And yes, I had been through that before.

I remember the last time I was called and they were giving the kidney to someone else. I did not get upset or angry. The thought popped into my mind that someone is getting a second chance at life. They do not have to feel any more needles from the dialysis machine. The fear of wondering if your heart can hold up to the pressure of a machine pumping your blood to clean it in an unnatural way. However, it keeps us alive. The pain of not knowing what tomorrow may bring. The time that is taken from you sitting on a machine for several hours cleaning your blood.

It Was My Time…

This time I was told to make the drive to Toledo, OH from Detroit, MI. I did make the drive to find out that this time I was a match and this kidney was for me. I was in shock but not disbelief. God was going to deliver me but I just didn’t know when it would be my season. My season was now! The procedure began and I was given a kidney that has allowed me a new purpose and walk in life. This kidney brought me a renewed mind and destiny. The challenge of waking up early to create a bath to prepare to give myself my own dialysis treatment while working full-time was over.

My Inspiration…

I told God and everyone who would listen that I would dedicate the rest of my life to living in my purpose. My purpose is to inspire the world through my triumphs in life. I will do this until I take my last breath. If you are waiting on something, then be patient it will come. It took my 3 years to receive my kidney but I now celebrate two years of still having a healthy kidney and living a better overall quality of life. No matter what your situation is, you can come out triumphant. You just have to believe!

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