Is It Holding You Back?

Dreams will remain just that until you put a date on it. If you are not willing to place a date on your dreams then it will remain just that. A dream. I am almost over thrilled to hear how people paint a picture of the things that they want to achieve or do within their lives. However, there are few people that are willing to go the distance to make a dream a true reality. In this blog, we will explore what it takes to make it come into fruition. I truly feel every person born is given everything they need to succeed in this world. How many are willing to capitalize on their God given talents and skills?

The Truth Factor

Most of the world are willing to make excuses as to why they are not where they want to be. The weird thing is they can become truly creative in their excuses. When it is time to look at solutions, they can’t think of any. My money is very low so I just can’t. All of the obligations that I have, I just can’t find the time. I am not skilled enough. These are all the lies we tell our subconscious to rationalize our complacency. The truth is we have enough time to achieve our goals. We are given the same 24 hours that every successful person in this world has had.

How Do We Use Our Time…

  • Watching Netflix
  • Watching TV
  • Spending Time /w People Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart
  • Talking on The Phone
  • Scrolling Social Media without Purpose

These bullets show the various things we do daily that can be changed to create a better tomorrow. More often than not, we are not willing to challenge ourselves towards change. Change is the very essence of what separates many from achieving their true desired goal. Sacrifice now, then and only then, you can live the life you deserve. Would it be better to watch Netflix from a yacht or a home that you can’t stand living in? The difference is the sacrifices you are willing to put in now. The benefit will be the life you will enjoy later!

What are you willing to give up to change your life? Life can only be what you make it, but it all starts with your mentality!


Our subconscious thoughts have the greatest impact on our daily actions. Whatever you think, therefore shall you be. If you call yourself broke, then you will always remain in debt. If you say you are not talented enough, then your reality will become what you speak. We have to learn to train our minds while watching what we speak. Words of affirmation are real because they can manifest an entirely new life. Once you speak it enough, then your mind will begin to believe it. Your actions will begin to follow suit on what you believe. Are you ready to train your mind to be your biggest weapon?

Words Of Affirmation

  • I am a champion.
  • I am a millionaire.
  • I will defeat the odds.
  • I will create generational wealth for my family.
  • I am talented.
  • I am #1

The Rest is Up To You

Goal setting is the number one way to achieve what you need out of life. Are you willing to put a date on accomplishing your goals? The rest is truly up to you. Many people, including myself, can indoctrinate you with the blueprint, but are you truly willing to use it? Rise up and go forward, it is time to give it everything you got!

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