Conquering Anger

It is probably safe to say that we have all heard the saying that our biggest battle in life is going to be with ourselves. The repetitious truth stemming from the lips of the wise which whom have uttered these words have undoubtedly discovered one of the most certain facts of life. You are the master of your own destiny, which in turn, would make you your only enemy that can stop your destiny as well. People may have power on Earth, but no one has power to stop a destiny someone believes in their own heart. I personally think there is one emotion that has a major impact on this. The emotion is called anger. Anger can be a definite two edged sword. It can fuel many people but it can also deter a person if they are not careful.

Have you ever had a time that you spent countless hours thinking of how to get someone back for what they did to you? The rage pumping through your veins igniting an astronomical fire inside of you waiting to explode. What if you spent all that time thinking of ways to turn those negative experiences into positive ones? How much more beneficial would that have been to your life?

As people, we spend way too much time on Earth focused on things that will not even matter to us in a year, month, or even next week for that matter. A lot of us burst open with temporal emotions that seem to always hit their unfortunate target. In all actuality, you have to be careful because even things done out of anger will never be forgotten by those it hurt the most. Remember, a person may not always remember verbatim what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Think about it, have you forgotten the first grade teacher that you told you that you will never be successful? I hope by now you see that was not true! Even if you are not where you want to be, those words can only become YOUR reality if you let it be so. Again, we are the masters of our destinies not someone who wishes negativity upon us.


Energy is one of the mystical yet beautiful things that we experience every second of our day. The beauty is that energy is constantly being transferred. Are we conscious of the energy that we are spreading to the world? Some of may carry the energy of bitterness, anger, disappointment, or even pure hatred. This energy does not just stick with us but in reality we are placing it on display every time we interact one another. What kind of energy are you transferring? It can also be positive energy such as hope, love, compassion, and joy. In this article, we will discuss how the energy of anger can transfer to have a poor impact on your life as well as your community.

For example, you wake up and get ready to go to work. You are so happy that you are singing in shower to your favorite Whitney Houston jam. You actually woke up early for work so you have time to relax then eat breakfast. You catch up on the news and even they said the sun will be out and it will be a great day. Everything is going pretty good for you. The car has a full tank so you drive to work dancing nd singing along in the car to your favorite radio station. Traffic is light so you arrive to work early and ready to go.

Once you walk into your office, the senior director walks in with a really mean menacing look at you then says, “Come into my office”. Oh no, your heart is starting to pound. What could it be? You immediately start backtracking did you turn in all your portfolios and conclude that everything had to be complete as you are walking to your boss office. The senior director looks up as he sees you peeking through the door, “come in”, he states. You walk in hesitantly trying not to show your lack of confidence that went out the window the moment you received the menacing look from him when you got to your office. He begins to tell you that you are being replaced by someone new after you’ve devoted over 15 years to the company. You are furious but will not let you dignity falter in front of him. You stand up head high to walk out straight to the bathroom before any tears fall. You get to the bathroom only to swing the bathroom door open so wildly it hits someone throwing away trash before leaving the bathroom on the other side of the door.

You are so caught up in your own disappointment that you don’t apologize but keep walking. The lady looks at you with a look of disgust as she thinks to herself how rude can a person be. She walks out the bathroom thinking the world has really become a rude place while you are in the mirror of the bathroom unknowing of all that just occurred. In this story, all three people were impacted by energy. I can truly assure you the boss was already effected by some form of energy the moment he looked in your office with a look that invited negativity. Once that energy latched on to you, then you carried it all the way to the lady in the bathroom. I am sure she will carry it to whoever she sees the rest of the day.

Tips To Conquer Anger

  • Count to 100
  • Read A Book
  • Start A New Hobby
  • Meditate
  • Start A Healthier Diet
  • Vacation More
  • Therapy

Conquering anger is essential to living a happy life!

4 thoughts on “Conquering Anger

  1. Very helpful. I know I have experienced similar situations where my anger will get the best of me. I try my best these days to woosah and walk away, but sometimes, like you said, that bad energy latches onto me and I can’t shake it off. I’ll try to be better in the future as I think I can only learn from each experience.

    1. We all have times that we have to stop and take a moment to think before we act. Anger can cause a lot of disruption if we are not careful. I am glad to see you are taking the steps to be mindful of your energy. Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

  2. This was great read. I am definitely protecting my energy from toxic people. It has gotten to the point that I can detect them a mile away. Also great point about anger, I have been working on how to not let my anger from myself and other to cause me to think negative and live in a depressed state of mind. Last year, I wasn’t motivated to do anything beside work, sleep, &eat. Change starts with me & my thoughts. I started working on my hobbies and will pick up a book. Learning something new and maybe take a road trip. Thank you.

    1. I thank you so much! I am glad you were able to enjoy this read! It is one that is dear to my heart actually!

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