A Circle Of Growth

Many times, I have written on the power of your circle. This is a crucial topic because it impacts so much within our every day lives. Many of us wonder why we have not reached the next level. A lot of times, it can be due to the fact you have not analyzed and cleaned out your circle. Everyone is not meant to go with you to your next level. It is a hard decision to make but it’s extremely necessary if your ultimate goal is to grow. It amazes me how many people keep toxic individuals in their lives just based on the time history they share. Time does not mean someone cares about your growth. Toxic friends actually prefer you to stay stagnant because if you grow then you may even surpass them.

The people we are around will have a major impact on the way we think about things going on around us. They also can be a driving force into modifying the way we talk an act as well especially if we admire someone. However, in 2021, the time is now to bring peace and growth back into your life. This will start with analyzing the top 5 people you are around most. I want you to understand these top 5 people are affecting your mindset and even your goals in life

What types of friends do you need?

  • Motivational. This is the friend that will motivate you even when the rest of the world is telling you it is impossible. This friend is like your own secret success coach who truly wants to see you win!
  • Intelligent. I always say if you are the smartest in the room, then you are in the wrong room. It means you can’t learn anything from the people you are around. In those situations, usually the other people grow while you either stay stagnant or worse case life may decline in the process.
  • Genuine. You want someone who truly cares and YOU for you! Vibes don’t lie. If you just don’t feel it then its not real
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