About Us

Who Am I?

 Silent Tears/Ena Puckett

Ena Puckett is an inspirational writer and speaker from Detroit, MI. She has recently moved to Atlanta, GA to continue her journey of inspiring souls from all walks of life. Ms. Puckett founded an incredible system that has helped many people change their life into a better tomorrow. She is an inspirational empowerment coach teaching men and women how to feel empowered and good about themselves amidst any storm that life brings.

 She enjoys helping men and women in need to become empowered to believe they can rise greater than their current circumstances.

Ms. Puckett is a woman of class and dignity derived by her strong Christian faith. Like every great woman in the past, she has fallen and made several mistakes.  Through the trenches, she has come out victorious and gallant. She is a warrior at heart and survivor by the grace of her father. Ena Puckett lost her firstborn son in 2017.

She took time away through her pain to develop a proven system that allows the everyday person to feel empowered no matter the circumstances and achieve their goals. She holds integrity as a way of life. Inspiration is her calling. Therefore, Silent Tears LLC was born!

Mission Statement

Silent Tears uplifts the world to feel good about themselves no matter the circumstances faced. Silent Tears has created a system that allows you to feel free and live abundantly.

This system focuses on the ability to find hope after the loss of a loved one. Are you ready to smile again? Let’s begin…